The Art of Magnet Marketing

Attract potential clients to your product and services without going out and chasing them. Sounds like a dream right?

Hey It is not!

There are millions of businesses out in the world and thousands of similar products and services as yours. How should you possibly be seen in this mass? In the age of small business owners, entrepreneurs, working-from-home-opportunities and laptop lifestyle dreams, there are not always budgets for expensive marketing campaigns, tons of social media adds and so on.

Your dream and your drive can be as huge as it can, but without clients or people that join your business, your dreams will not come through!

It is already known that customers don’t buy products and services, they buy you! Even more in this age of everything available at a mouse click. They want to connect with your passion, your uniqueness, your drive and when they see who you are and that you are trustworthy, then they buy also your service and your products. Social Media is an amazing opportunity to find clients (for on and offline business), but also a place you can drown in the sea of the unseen.

A pity! You have a business idea or a product that should go out and add value to the world and people, don’t you? It’s time to do so!


Start today:

  • stop spamming friends and contacts
  • get real traffic and interaction on social media
  • be seen for the value you provide
  • have people filling your inbox with questions


Only once you have built your audience and community, your content and the solution you provide as a business can be seen. Draft your strategy this was. First go out with what you are, with your passion and start interacting. The magic happens in the messenger and chats, where you start talking (not selling!) to people. You learn more about their problems, their passion and you connect. Only then! you can talk about what you do and you will see, people start asking you and wanting to know more.

As it is a in general simple method, that can be followed even without knowledge of online marketing, I will soon publish a DIY Online Course. By following the steps and doing simple tasks, but in the right direction and persistently you will also gain confidence and start attracting people into your business or your field.

Stay tuned .. I’m very much looking forward to being a witness to your success story.


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