Take Time for Kindness

Our world is fast paced and has high technology which makes us more efficient, fast and better. It appears that being fast is the only important element. Being fast means being first, therefore sucessful! Time is money and for the ones working within the time frame they have set, this means more money.


My Experience

This is what my life entails also. I am an Entrepreneur in a Start-up scenario and I appreciate exactly how valuable it is to be fast. As mentioned, the faster I am, the more I accomplish in one hour, leading to more outcomes.

But somehow, the equation is wrong! The reality is that the faster I become, the more work I seem to have.

I have just returned from a great holiday in awesome Scotland. I reside in Zurich, which is a busy city. Although there is a lot of green, lakes and mountains, it is also a fact that it is rare for you to be alone, if you venture out to nature.

I like nature a lot but do not regard myself as an outdoor person. However, the nature in Scotland was so astonishing, that I needed to stop and watch.

I felt like part of a greater magic; something I couldn’t explain. The landscape is similar to what I’m used to and at the same time so different.

The ultimate beauty of it was almost painful…


Experiencing Great Kindess While Abroad

When I am in a different country I try to sense and absorb as much as possible from the differences involving the culture and people. And the experience here has even been more astonishing. I felt bathed in kindness! The people took their time to answer your questions, they took the time to explain, they took the time for a smile and a ‘Hiya! ’.

On the highways’ fast lane, cars would slow down and give you a signal. They would wait and give you way to avoid you getting stuck behind a truck. Due to this, it was very easy to reciprocate and return the favor.

Official Mandatory Signs would start or end with a ‘please.’ Nobody would immediately come out and complain if you left your car in the wrong place.

Now that I am back in Zurich, I ask myself what made it so special.  In Switzerland we are usually quite kind. We also have signs in parks that tell us in a very kind way not to litter and to use the displayed bins.

I figured out that only being kind is not enough. It’s important to add the factor time.

If I am occupied with being fast, because time is money, I forget that I could stop my car for a minute and be kind to a person crossing the street. I may be slow to anger, as the law compels me to stop, since this elderly woman takes so long. But if I could spare that minute and share it, I am sure, another person shall wait for me when I’m slow and share his time to offer me kindness.

Before work, life and speed overwhelms me once again… I will try to take more Time for Kindness!

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