Let’s talk for real!

I have this little book I keep, it’s called an Idealog. It’s handy on a rainy day. It lists the first 13400 things I didn’t achieve.


There are little funny scratches all across the book, over words that have been blotted out from my future self. They read, “Could we have a coffee sometime?” This funny habit was prompted by a very intelligent Mitch Herbert quote that says, “I’m tired of following my dreams. I’m just going to ask them where they’re going and hook up with them later.”


I look for people to “talk big” with, I consult the TED talk every morning, I even have a ‘cheesy quotes for inspiration’ app on my phone! Each one of these has a ‘start-up’!!!”  Category- where polished business people in well ironed pant suits speak as if they were quoting the business Bible- ‘all I had was an idea, and look what happened!” This is around the time I put on my shoes and a heave a heavy sigh of “yeah right- because that worked for him or her”.


13,402 ideas in, I took the book and flushed it down with the contents of a hangover. No cheesy quotes app talks about the countless nights of going out to meet people on network events trying to convert them into clients using the best strategy of “how to close a deal” I just did online. Every of the successful speakers on such events would chant some version of the ‘idea→ experience→ team→ business model→ funding→ timing” mantra. But few spoke of the “hangovers after a day of dealing with one problem after the other” or the feeling of grime when talking to a potential investor.


Why isn’t anyone telling the things how they are? I’m not motivated all day, every day! Are you? I do have to fight downfalls and frustration! Do you? And yes I do want to give up all five minutes or so. The only thing I can say about me, is that I don’t (give up I mean). I struggle, I cry, I punch the wall but I also dance, jump in the air and am so happy, when something went well. Yes even for the 5 cents that didn’t add up in my accounting and I can find at 2 am.


That is true and real business! Isn’t it? It’s having that goal, visualizing it, but then go back to the every day mini steps we all have to do. And sure, once I made it, once I am the successful CEO of my company that is making millions and changing lives out in the world, I can say …. I just had an idea and I did it and now see where I am. My hope is though that I’ll also tell people that just start, that I struggled got frustrated and cried and it was ok to do so. I hope I’ll tell them to celebrate every tiny single step towards success.


Because success is nothing waiting for you in the future! Success is every minute you made in your life, in your business and still be going on.

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